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    International fingerprint

    Hello international visitors!

    Our website lives through the photos, so it is not nearly necessary to speak the german forum language. But we will let you know, that all international visitors are very welcome on our site.
    If you have any questions you can register, make a new topic and discuss in this international corner. You will be get an english answer, so we can connect with other modelmakers.

    In fact you like our website, please let us know who you are, and where you come from. Let a "digital fingerprint" in this topic.

    Have a nice day,

    Best regards Yoshi
    Wenn "Plan A" nicht funktioniert - cool bleiben!
    Das Alphabet hat noch 25 weitere Buchstaben!


    Hi Yoshi, that's a great idea. We Austrians known as language geniuses can indeed take advantage of Google translate

    Best regards